Acts 19:21-41 – It’s Not the Economy-Stupid

Acts 19:21-41 – It’s Not the Economy-Stupid

Last week when we left off in our study of Acts, it looked like all of Ephesus was going to get saved. But as the Gospel began to spread, the prosperity of the Ephesians was diminishing. They had a choice to receive the Gospel and trust God with their welfare or to protect their economy in the occult. They chose the latter. Was it a good choice? I don’t think they would say so today.

Dr. Farrar gave the following description of modern-day Ephesus:

“Its candlestick has been for centuries removed out of its place; the squalid Mohammedan village which is nearest to its site does not count one Christian in its insignificant population; its temple is a mass of shapeless ruins; its harbor is a reedy pool; the bittern booms amid its pestilent and stagnant marshes; and malaria and oblivion reign supreme over the place where the wealth of ancient civilization once gathered around the scenes of its grossest superstitions and its most degraded sins.”

So goes every civilization that elevates the importance of its economy over the worth of its soul. So goes every civilization that rejects Christ for other gods.

May God bless our study today in Acts,