Revelation 6:1 – Why the Great Tribulation

Revelation 6:1 – Why the Great Tribulation

Jesus said “In this world you will have many tribulations,” but these daily trials of life He was referring to are nothing compared to the ones living on this earth will have to face during the Great Tribulation. Today we will begin our study of this biblical event, and in the coming weeks as we move through our study of the tribulation period, we will witness horrors on earth that are beyond imagination. And so the question that has to be answered is “Why would a loving God pour out such terrible things upon His creation?” We’ll try to find answers to that question today as we introduce our next section of Revelation.


Scroll and its Seven Seals
-First Seal Through the Fourth Seal: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
-Fifth Seal: The Cry of the Martyrs
-Sixth Seal: The Great Earthquake
-Seventh Seal: Seven Trumpets are Blown

The Seven Trumpets:
-First Trumpet: Vegetation Destroyed
-Second Trumpet: The Seas Assaulted
-Third Trumpet: The Rivers and Springs made bitter
-Fourth Trumpet: The Stars are Struck
-Fifth Trumpet: Plague of Locusts
-Sixth Trumpet: Army of Horsemen
-Seventh Trumpet: Seven Bowls of Wrath Poured Out

The Seven Bowls of Wrath
-First Bowl: Sores on Mankind
-Second Bowl: Sea Turns to Blood
-Third Bowl: The Waters Turns to Blood
-Fourth Bowl: Sun Scorches Men
-Fifth Bowl: Total Darkness
-Sixth Bowl: Battle of Armageddon
-Seventh Bowl: Great Earthquake

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