1 Samuel 1:1-20 – Persevering Prayer in Barren Times

1 Samuel 1:1-20 – Persevering Prayer in Barren Times

One day George Muller began praying for five of his friends. After many months, one of them came to the Lord. Ten years later, two others were converted. It took 25 years before the fourth man was saved. Muller persevered in prayer un-til his death for the fifth friend, and throughout those 52 years he never gave up hoping that he would accept Christ! His faith was rewarded, for soon after Mul-ler’s funeral the fifth friend was saved. (Our Daily Bread)

George Muller was a man who was known for his perseverance in prayer. Not only did he endure in prayer for his lost friends, he saw miracle after miracle in his ministry to the orphans as a result of his longsuffering in prayer.

In today’s study in 1 Samuel, we will learn about Hannah, another prayer warrior who persevered in prayer. She wanted a child more than anything else in the world and so she would not let go of the throne of God until she was granted her request. By examining her prayers and her prayer life we will learn some important lessons about persevering prayer in barren times.

May God teach us all to endure in prayer,