Acts 9:32-43 – A Road Paved with Good Intentions

Acts 9:32-43 – A Road Paved with Good Intentions

An elderly married woman once said, “My husband and I have a very happy marriage. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, and there’s nothing he

wouldn’t do for me. So we’ve gone through life doing nothing for each other.” That statement is a great illustration of “a road paved with good intentions.” So often, deep down inside, we intend to do good works, but we rarely do. In other words, our lives often don’t match up with the good intentions we have for our lives.  

In today’s text we will run across a woman named Dorcas who not only was “full of good works and deeds—- she did them.” And so her life was paved not only with good intentions, but with good intentions fulfilled.  What a great example she is for us all!! 

May God richly bless our study today in Acts,