Acts 7:16-60 – Cut to the Heart

Acts 7:16-60 – Cut to the Heart

An older man went to the doctor and was told he had high blood pressure. The doctor made it clear that if the man did not change his diet and adhere to a prescribed exercise routine, that he would soon have some serious health issues. A few months later his son asked him if he had changed his lifestyle as the doctor had requested. The man replied, “No, but I did change doctors.”

That’s the way many of us respond to truth (especially biblical truth) when we hear it. We change messengers. Why? Because truth “cuts to the heart,” and it hurts to be cut.

 In today’s message, Stephen will speak biblical truths to the Jewish council that will cut them to the heart. And they will get so mad, they won’t be satisfied with just changing the messenger, they will kill him instead.

God help us to be willing to hear your truth always- even when it hurts,