Revelation 18:6-24 – Remember Lot’s Wife

Revelation 18:6-24 – Remember Lot’s Wife

On March 6, 1836, 1500 Mexican soldiers under the command of General Santa Anna stormed the Alamo in San Antonio and slaughtered all of the fortress’s 257 Texas soldiers. Santa Anna thought that the utter defeat at the Alamo would cause Texans elsewhere to flee the territory, but it had the opposite effect. Volunteers by the hundreds joined the Texas forces, and on April 21, they attacked and defeated the Mexican forces at Lynchburg Ferry. During the attack they shouted what had become their rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo!”

Today we are going to be looking at God’s judgment on the economic system of Mystery Babylon, and the people who are on earth at that time will mourn and they will weep. But as we witness the destruction of Babylon in our text, our reaction should be much different from theirs. We should be shouting the rallying cry Jesus gave us for the last days in Luke 17: “Remember Lot’s wife!” As we finish our study in Revelation 18 today, we’ll examine just what that rallying cry means and why it should be on lips of every Christian in these last days in which we live.


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