Acts 28 – Blooming Where You are Planted

Acts 28 – Blooming Where You are Planted

In today’s lesson we will again see Paul taking advantage of every opportunity he has to serve Jesus Christ as His noble witness on this earth.  Paul was very apt at doing what some call “blooming where you are planted.” 

Terry Nance in his book, God’s Armor Bearer, provides a list of suggestions to follow if we too want to “bloom where we are planted.” Let me give you some the most important points from that list:

1) Make sure you have a real relationship with Christ
2) You must have a call and a vision for your life from God
3) You must trust in the grace and anointing of God
4) You must always be obedient to God, especially to His   specific instructions
5) You must be willing to change direction at any time
6) Don’t ever be too big to do the small things and too small to do the big things
7) Never quit or give up
8) Be willing to submit to any authority that God has placed you under
9) Always find your joy in the Lord

Those are great principles to follow if we too want to emanate the beauty and fragrance of the Lord in the place where He has planted us!!!

May God bless our study today as we finish the Book of Acts,