Genesis 17:15-27 – They Will Follow

Genesis 17:15-27 – They Will Follow

Peter Drucker in his leadership seminars lists 5 requirements for an effective church leader:
1) He works.
2) He sees his assignment as a responsibility rather than rank privilege.
3) A leader surrounds himself with strong associates.
4) A leader creates energies and vision.
5) A leader develops followers’ trust by his own consistency and integrity.

As we will see in today’s lesson, Abraham was a great leader, but I think his attributes for leadership differ quite a bit from Drucker’s. Abraham did have rank privilege, and it came directly from God. He didn’t have any notable strong associates, and really didn’t need them, because God was his friend and associate. He didn’t create his vision, it was given to him by God. And he wasn’t very consistent, but people followed him anyway. We’ll see just why today as we finish chapter 17.


Genesis 17:15-27 – They Will Follow

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