Revelation 11:15-19 – Finding the Ark

Revelation 11:15-19 – Finding the Ark

One of the biggest movie blockbusters of all time was Stephen Spielburg’s Raiders of the Lord Ark. In the film, archaeologist, Indiana Jones is racing against a group of Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant which Adolf Hitler believes will make his armies unstoppable in their quest to conquer the world. Jones finds the Ark first and then does his best to keep it out of the Nazi’s hands.

Of course the story of Indiana Jones is fiction, and as of yet, even though many have searched for it, no one has found the Ark of the tabernacle. But in today’s lesson in Revelation 11, we will find out exactly where to locate the true Ark. And we will learn that maybe the Nazis were on to something, because there is power in the Ark for all who find it!






Revelation 11:15-19 – Finding the Ark

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Zechariah 12