Hebrews 13:10-25 – Outside the Camp

Hebrews 13:10-25 – Outside the Camp

A recent poll conducted by George Barna determined that only about 20% of Evangelical Christians believe that there are absolute truths. If that poll is accurate, it spells lots of trouble for the true church in the future; because if we are unwilling to compromise on our core beliefs, we will find ourselves at odds with mainstream religion. We will be forced to practice our religion outside “the camp.”

The author in today’s text reminds us, that Jesus was crucified outside the camp. Then he exhorts us to “go to Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach.” The more and more the absolute truths of this Word are abandoned by the mainstream church (camp), the more and more, living outside the camp will be the right place to be.


Hebrews 13:10-25 – Outside the Camp

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