Sunday Service

Sunday Service

We are currently having in person service along with livestreaming. We are following social distancing and mask guidelines issued by the state of Louisiana.

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At Calvary Chapel Lafayette, we want to remove all barriers that keep you from seeing Christ clearly and experiencing His life-transforming love. So we keep things simple. Come as you are, worship the Lord with us, and feed on God’s Word as we journey verse by verse to hear what God has to say to each one of us.

We start by lifting the name of Jesus up in song, to prepare our hearts to receive His Word. Our worship features a contemporary style, without neglecting the rich truths embodied in classic hymns and worship of the past. We strive to emphasize theologically rich music that reflects the greatness of God, so that our focus properly rests on Him as we get ready to hear what He has to say to us in His Word.

At CCL, we teach chapter by chapter, verse by verse through the Bible. While topical sermons can enrich and edify, the intended context often gets lost. With a careful verse by verse approach, we receive the whole counsel of God. As we journey together through an entire book at a time, one verse at a time, we gain a clearer picture of the salvation God has won for us in Christ, the work He has prepared for us to do, the victories He’s already won for us, and the blessings He promises us as we seek to follow Him.

Current Teaching: Genesis
Genesis means “origin” and is the perfect title for the book that records the origins of human history. Genesis is the single most important book of the Bible. It is the beginning and foundation of the Bible, on which everything else is built. Genesis is a real-life history record of the origins of the world, man, sin, civilization, the nations, and Israel, as well as a revelation of the God of all creation.

Genesis also introduces God’s purpose and plan in all things by revealing important themes such as, the doctrine of the living, personal God; the doctrine of man made in the image of God; the doctrine of the fall and the consequences of man’s sin; the promise of a Redeemer.